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Are you looking to buy laundry lines in bulk?  Want to see a selection of branded wholesale cleaning products all in one place?  In need of a reliable purveyor of home fragrance candles?  Well, our huge selection of household SKUs (around 1,000!) means we can supply you, whatever your requirements.

As a cleaning wholesaler, we have over 500 lines comprising disinfectant, bleach, wipes, toilet gel, polish, kitchen spray, cloths and much more, including trusted go-to brands like Cif, Domestos, Astonish, Flash and Zoflora.

When it comes to dishwashing products, whether your customers like to wash by hand or own a dishwasher, our selection of SKUs have it covered.  We’ve got washing up liquid, dishwasher tabs and rinse aid from household names Finish, Dishmatic and Elbow Grease.

Plus, our laundry collection is extensive with a plethora of fabric conditioners, washing power, laundry sheets and stain removers to choose from.

And finally, check out our wholesale home fragrance lines which include room spray, sprays for fabric, diffusers and scented candles.  We sell top brands such as Air Wick, Febreze and Yankee Candle, so be sure to come to us for your wholesale candle collection.

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