What are your open times?

Phone lines are manned Monday – Friday 8:00am – 17:30pm (GMT). For out of hours requests, please email info@pricecheck.uk.com

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept payment by bank transfer only.

What are your minimum order requirements?

UK Mainland Customers

£1,000 - £1,499 (excl. VAT) - Carriage paid by customer at Pricecheck's competitive rates. Only available to customers that do not require export documentation.

£1,500 + (excl. VAT) - Carriage paid by Pricecheck. Only available to customers that do not require export documentation.

Export Customers

£2,500 + (excl. VAT). Price is dependent upon transaction currency, please speak to us for an exact figure. Carriage paid by customer at Pricecheck's competitive rates. This is applicable to any customer based outside of mainland United Kingdom or any customer within mainland United Kingdom that requires export documentation.

Do you only accept online orders?

No. We want working with Pricecheck to be as convenient as possible. Our online site offers 24/7 access to more than 8,000 products, but we know many would still like to talk directly to one of the team. All customers are allocated a dedicated International Account Manager and Sales Support who are on hand to help you process orders whether that is face-to-face, over email and phone or even video call.




How do I order online?

We have designed our website to be as convenient and easy as possible to navigate. Please see our step-by-step guide on how to place an order online.

What happens when I place an order online?

Once you have placed an order, our team is notified instantly. Either your International Account Manager or a member of our Customer Operations team will be in touch to confirm your order details and delivery requirements.

How can I see your product prices?

To see our prices, please click here to log in or complete this form to become a customer.

Can I place multiple orders to meet your minimum requirements?

Absolutely – online orders can be combined until you reach our minimum order value. For example, if you are required to meet our minimum order value of £1,000 (excl. VAT) you could place one £500 order and another £500 order the following week. Please note, items will not be picked and shipped until minimum order values have been met.

Are items reserved if I place them in my basket?

Placing an item in your basket does not reserve the stock. The only way to do this is to complete your order.

Are all items shown available immediately?

Items shown are currently in stock, however your ordered quantity may be higher than what is available for immediate despatch. When our team calls to confirm your order details, we will make you aware of any lead times and potential delays.



My country requires specific import documents, will Pricecheck supply these?

This can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis so please do discuss any country requirements with your International Account Manager.

I don’t have a medical licence; can you supply these products?

Pricecheck has a Wholesale Dealers Licence (WDL) and we trade in General Sales List (GSL) medicines. If you are a wholesaler, you will need to provide evidence of your WDL. If you are a retailer you can purchase these products without a licence.

I don’t have an alcohol licence; can you supply these products?

Pricecheck has an Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) licence to sell alcohol as a wholesaler to other businesses. If you are a wholesaler, you will need to give us your AWRS number. If you are a retailer you must have a premises licence.




Do you trade within the EU?

Following Brexit, we can still offer a seamless trading process with our EU customers. Please contact us to set up an account with Pricecheck Brand Partners BV. You can then order online through our Pricecheck BV site, with all prices shown as FCA Belgium.

I’ve ordered through Pricecheck BV, how do I receive my goods?

You can arrange collection of your goods from our Belgium warehouse or customers can take advantage of Pricecheck’s competitive delivery rates. Please discuss your preference with your Customer Operations contact.



I no longer want an item I’ve ordered / I’ve made an error with my order, what do I do?

At the moment, orders cannot be updated online but our team are happy to help. Please contact your International Account Manager as soon as possible.

Can I return an order / part of an order?

Once an order has been confirmed and dispatched, we will not accept returns. However, if your stock arrives damaged, please do get in touch with us within three days of receiving the goods to discuss the options available. If you have any concerns or queries with your order, please speak to your International Account Manager or Customer Operations contact.

The products I would like are not on your website, are you able to source it?

We’re always happy to help customers find what they’re looking for so please discuss your product requirements with your International Account Manager who will discuss your product requirements with our Buying team.