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Boost Your Impulse Buy Sales

24 November, 2021
Impulse buying has a big impact on the success of a retailer, let’s take a look at what you should stock to benefit from spontaneous sales…

What to Stock for Winter Sales

17 November, 2021
Here’s our rundown on what you should have on your shelves this winter…

The Best Brands in Washing & Bathing

10 November, 2021
What are your customers looking to buy when shopping for these everyday essentials?  Read on and you’ll find out!

Catering for Consumers with a Conscience

3 November, 2021
Here’s our rundown on brands currently catering for consumers with a conscience…  
Lucy Goddard

Our Team of Directors Expand

29 October, 2021
We are extremely happy to announce that Lucy Goddard, our current Head of HR, will be stepping up to join Pricecheck’s team of directors.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

27 October, 2021
Read our handy hints on what should appear on your shelves, and you’ll see your sales surge!

Pricecheck Launches HFSS Compliant Offering

20 October, 2021
Pricecheck’s mission is to provide customers with a wide variety of HFSS compliant SKUs that would optimise front of store sales.

Happy Chocolate Week!

14 October, 2021
From today it’s Chocolate Week in the UK, so we thought we’d take some time to appreciate the smooth deliciousness that is the sweet stuff!